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Artwork credits (in order of appearance): Chris Wood, Susan Eyre, Marloes Ten Bhomer, Ana Vicente, Rosanna Gethin, Nigel Goldie, Nick Barberton, Zelda Velika, Catherine Watson

Music Credits: "You Woke me Up" Andrew Bird.

Hands-on One to One Photographic Workshop for Artists and Designers.

The Art & Object Documentation workshop can be set up as intense one day scheme or tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. If you are an art collective, an artist/designer or part of an organization that regularly needs to document your product, projects or exhibitions, we can help by introducing the skills necessary to conduct regular documentation of work and manage files for a collection or archive. For gallery managers or small-scale cultural institutions, we provide staff training. We also give technical advice on what can be improved to achieve better results.

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Previous Participant's Feedback

"The practical elements were extremely useful, especially having the chance to experiment with different lighting, settings and lenses. This was especially useful for me because I don't have a camera or any equipment. I liked that you chose people with different practices as I was able to learn from what others had done."

Catherine Watson

"I enjoyed all aspects. The photography was the most thorough and easy to follow. Maria and Sebastian are a good team, imparting information patiently and clearly. .....they both have a good sense of humour and made us all feel comfortable".

Syann Van Niftrik

"It was good that it was a small intimate group so it was comfortable to ask questions and get lots of personal attention. The information was given at a good pace and lots of hands on experience meant you could easily relate the information to your own work. Really helpful that you shoot your own work."

Susan Eyre

"I particularly found learning how to use the light metre and sensor and understanding which lights to use for different scenarios useful."

Christine Lang

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Self-documenting your creative practice: a background context.
Technical and theoretical introduction to art documentation.

How to self-document your artwork/design objects?
Hands-on practice that will allow you to familiarize yourself with different lighting conditions and photographic equipment. Every participating artist/designer will learn how to make a professional record of their material facing the specific photographic requirements of its own artwork.

Understanding the post-production workflow.
Working with RAW files, color card matching, optimizing archive formats and preparing final prints. The Adobe postproduction workflow will be introduced: Lightroom and Photoshop, but also we will look at alternative options.