Rosario Montero

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10 TIPS: How to photograph artwork?

1. Choose neutral coloured clothes and space surrounding the artwork.

2. There is no right or wrong, but a thoughtful technical process.

3. A soft light will show all details, a dramatic one will expose texture.

4. If the aim is to preserve proportions, prefer normal 50mm.

5. Take some general views that show scale and relation of the piece to its context.

6. Aperture. If the aim is to describe it in focus use aperture from f8 and up.

7. It's is always recommended to use a tripod.

8. Always use RAW files to save your images. You will have all sensor data in post-production.

9. Create tags for the images. It will save you a lot of work in the managing of your own work.

10. It is not just about a good photograph, but to translate the purpose of your piece.